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joe. go. to go through. very different conclude. video. resumes movie were to fail.
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but i'll say that the way the law was written. i didn't have it in my mind i would be walking around the corner of a totally free person but i'm thinking tense it's twenty years here which is also a lot yes a lot but not in texas standards because texas turns out last census like it's candy. to such these are the two options that could happen here and we need your vehicle power. ok and where do i fall from that from here you would call this way ok so that doesn't make sense and it makes sense or ok gayla one is if i'm getting in a vehicle and you're turning to do whatever you gotta do is c.d.'s yes. he's already here pow pow so that's what happened and what's going to happen you're going to follow this with like this and this is what happened this is what they say
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i'm not sure if. i need your vehicle and then i i'm not sure if he felt like this for like this but he felt he felt toward you as he were to. so is this guy here getting in this wasn't. the only option if he fell for discover here shot it he went over it in a vehicle that's only way up this guy was leaning forward on the street where he was given a big shot from inside a vehicle and that's what they all say that he wasn't getting in the vehicle when the shots were fired. here but they said he did it and he said i didn't see it because i was just getting in the vehicle because he's wanted done it this guy was one and then getting into the only option that's the only person that could have shot him they just they ramrodded let. this guy get into that shot and that's the. song want to. shoot.
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it goes very fast so what happened in between and we were just broadened along. it's like get out there. i get go knock on the door nobody answers on our door nobody answers because i'm getting in on the if you know it was a pontiac grand prix or grand am to your car if if you're sitting there or see someone else sit in the persian seat and you have to lean your seat forward first for the person to get the back seat you liked is two shots back where were these bullets placed in the head o'loghlin i was sitting in the passenger seat. so he it turns out it was. but in your first statement you said the bullets were on the right of his head right that's why i would get because he was like this probably going to hit him here be alone in their own i don't know exactly where they had about just know they had him somewhere in the journalism you know they had been
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left out they could have had him on the left that's it that's in the papers. the. could have had a minute that could have treaty sure. on the on the second murder. is my worry is that they came to be based on the way they were made a statement as well the forensics are so important because they have those and all they have is go to insist on it has no d.n.a. there's no fingerprints me at two vehicles and life organs there's not one for your birth for me. first you say that that clean took the final shots right you know in your first state in the first i guess why did you do that save mark but i told because you were friends i've known mark a lot longer and i don't claim. i got told investigators first to investigators i
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shan't say more. can i ask you a very very honest question. and i hope you're not offended but this is my commonsense again speaking so i'm not attacking you and i'm not judging because i wasn't there this is what i think. i think it's really hard to believe that someone lies in court to protect his friend. and he will not lie to protect his own life. to tell every lie the court protect our friend you said. that in a statement we are statement but it was really really important it was your first statement you said clinton shot this guy. he killed him you said. save your kind of figured you shoot someone in it you think they're going to.
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do it do you want to trista come out true to the. well everyone says something different so. i want to use that in the truth. and you say gee. that turn comes when you are ready yes but the dog is still there should be out and
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it's going out a way anyway. to fight this here. now to to hit it and shoulder to shoulder. and one of the co-defendants said. he was actually aiming. from twenty centimeters off then you can hit a. in the left no. with your left hand then you should have to you'd have to reach around like this or disguise oh here hold a gun shooting. maybe you can. go that side without. where. you'd have to lean yeah and then know to go here what are you doing but why would you jerry belief this if it seems so clear to us prosecutor. if the prosecutor
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has a. good story he'll get people to to believe it now that the famed his attorney's got to be regarded to counteract it. fairly didn't have a good attorney no he didn't. go to that if you don't have a good attorney. most time you lose anyway. and i did the body felt when he was shot stabbed over and over to the torturing room towards the sterile and saw the car. was supposed that he was moaning he was moaning he wasn't moving but he was moaning
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and what did she do. mow clint had a gun i had no gun i hope put him in the truck and you have no gun. and what were your options oh i'm not going to win now that i think back on about could win i love that easily that's what i think i want my god i just seen this guy kills one person and he could easily say ok i gotta go take care of these people just dismissed all the cops or others. i was thinking of. in the meantime this this victim is moaning in the trunk. so i didn't feel like i need to help this guy more what am i going to do to save him by myself other than contact the authorities he didn't do that either. so i looked at it dude was already dead. whatever sitting in the car thinking i could i can call my own one or i can just
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inform someone who's the that's why i had said something actually i did say some other hospital isolate me and we get is drop my boss at the mercy for me take off with somebody else person he should of just having a bird out of the camera's on the hospital. there so time i. they stand out there. and. they took him out there sort of creek. and only put him out there at the creek and then there were go to finish are the last two shots were unnecessary and mopping. but who shot them mark mark day when i. claim told here go it. could put him out of his misery he lived or you lay down there with it so he threatened mark and. so you grabbed a pillow stuck the gun to look to have a pillow. darnell or mark a camera with one but on the other it's a pillow case he fired shots in the pillow so they put the pen on the head just on
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the back of his hand someplace else and then they shot him mark that this man with what gun twenty two or over kids can tell you i said all three of my guns. and you want anyone who didn't have your stuff. but if all three have a gun why would they go to that creek because clinton says so if they all have a gun you would have to ask them doesn't make any sense to me. that you would prefer a group. of big drug well you know. here's the problem and this is the thing about texas law. there's what's called the law parties now i was indicted as the primary shooter i was tried as
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a primary shooter i feel that all these people they had guns hostage you know or forced them all to do everything everybody's got a good time but the person testifying everybody's in fear for their life. a lot of them would have been here and here motive. but that's the prosecutors say about the motive when i said it was for a quarter going to the girl but i said lucy and i was the first on right after this they say that and needed another car but. throughout the interview process marcos and it want to move in so he says something about. the car being taken right now and so the police this coalesced on today because ever makes a capital murder so you can kill somebody and walk away it's not. you can kill somebody walk away come back and take their shoes as not kept them are now if you kill somebody for their shoes it's capital murder so they had to prove this thing
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that i killed people for the core to take the core and they wanted to prove a continuous episode because a second murder one of the figure out a way to get us all to come up with was they both cars were taken to go see. the girl image and i'm and of course nobody ever brought up the fact about me having a. solo we here in st petersburg attending the annual st petersburg international economic forum our topic is from the atlantic to the pacific we all know the world is changing we talk about what moves these changes and who's behind. that. stuff.
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can. not. those who don't use them don't need them and they can do it on their own to stand on the person in that are equal born into something means only consistence me if i can manage and. consume don't we don't see only. move up to those moving in is this and this is the time so doesn't alter the sitting on.
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i walked up to the truck close it in the trouble to. paint the dude said he's going to give us a ride this is. supposedly he had family in midland and mean new out there anyway. you know and that change never seen everything we do is gonna guess we don't guess i'm not going to pay for ten hours work again this is something i can ask my fifty feet away and carjacking a man in his car i don't know since i'm saying he wanted to pull up here and always a cigarette some to drink so i go into the berkshires i come out this do sit in a car and a truck i'm like was cool on his song he's like it's cool america this song like no. i mean when you talk right so i get into the car and i drive off ramp and he follows me when i play roscoe what are you doing. he said we need to get rid of
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those core. that's ok we'll just do he said you know this is give us a kind of green now i never heard young friends i hope it never seen hundreds of every again i was inside the group showers which the police never went there and interviewed anybody conveniently they never talked to him are fact in evidence you see the photos of bush are part of that there's a sub gas station a small gas station and you'll hear nice days i'm sure you've seen these big shopping centers they've got low gas stations in the parking lot yes there's one like that at the berkshires there's a little gas station right there they never talk to that clerk by i don't know i mean the police never there ever investigated the crossing they just i mean they would paste what happened unless they just drove like three weeks later took pictures of the parking lot sale weeks later the ice all they did there's no police report there's nothing they never investigated or they never talked to the store clerk they never issued or media release asking if anybody seen any witnesses they
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were paste out of my kidnap them and that's all they ran with so he's. we're called upon jack oldfield things are common now get a lot of. money and sam are talking plants walking back forth on the at the trucks like pass the truck. fence walking back for the iron man samurai or not that i'm here sorry san you got to down trodden plus. the. the a.
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with paige and offer a mystery. here first for their. hero as you know the good there is far better. player. base. but the. players start. page with us here. for transpired it's clear. how did you know about if you remember he said i knew he had a deal but how did you know because you're. a big seller order.
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transpired. but who did he have to deal with. but but he told him that. when i won. the us two thousand and ten. he come in there at first we didn't know what he is in there for then he was like i'm an arab got thirty years for. murder and he took his name and went on telling us about his case.
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how they drove him here he was saying a lot of stuff to the asian i'm in same type. where they hid where they were he hid the gloves something about it took a minister took him somewhere else how they were at a pump jack and he shot the naked. his they fit david yes david. david paces and his lawyer paid up the district attorney and they made a deal of plea agreement that if they would pay testified he their years in the clinton clinic young would get the death penalty like. thirty years for david page that's the least amount of ever seen anybody get for murder ever usually is eighty nine hundred seventy five i've never seen nobody just get thirty years and actually i overheard him saying that he made a deal. he told me he said is
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a lawyer made a deal with it this you could try and he did if you testify. they they would guarantee him that he would be no more than thirty years and then he would be a fifth. and how come there are so many people say to you that made it the crime. how does that work. for a lot. and it's also a lie that you have said that they were not going to connect you to the murder because you were wearing gloves but were you wearing gloves that night i bought some yes why because it was cold. it was eleven degrees and it was eleven degrees are eleven celsius. it was cold. or rebut where are those gloves but it stays gusty it is never they try to destroy him so i said look i think you know man it's a d.n.a.
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to my blood hair samples test and was articulate do. they know of those i was talking about so certain are you about it was found they go back out to the crime scene or found out they left out there. but when they sent the girls to be tested there's for d.n.a. testing on the outside of the gloves and all these years i was thinking were they do they. so they offer he'll be below this right or how many years things are at fifty or sixty five sixty or sixty five so first they offered to sixty years and then they
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at one point offered you thirty eight years man. it didn't feel right now good for at all because you've helped them right after it i you hope me i hope you more. this is where the criminality of the state's actions come in because they're bound by supreme court law i mean that is the law of the land if you make a plea bargain you have to inform the defense when i go into a trial i'm allowed to know everything that's going on. my lawyers had a hearing before the trial and put the district attorney's on the stand under oath and asked them is there been any talk of plea bargains and they said now they all said no ok or we got that report the new attorneys i did they get that the lawyers personal file and that's how they got this report and so they go get the attorneys billing records that he's filed with the courthouse to get his money and on almost every line is met with this returning and prior to discuss
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a plea bargain met with this attorney is like five months different conclude. video . three twenty eight resumes you know there would be bail. as you try to investigate told him that he thinks that you are the killer in the second case yes. and what if you respond to him when he sent that the same scenario what did he say about that scenario ferrous he never shut it down but he just kept saying i still think you know why did i think you know why did.
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the d.a. had never had a death on the case and here comes this horrible case and has me not saying nothing so you get one side of the story as the co-defendants as just go. the perfect storm for him a well they had this big elaborate trial like this they were going to texas before. they just wrote is that after month this state of the market nation appeals court upheld markovitch and he retired. the only reason i can think of and forgive me if this is too. short sighted but the only thing i could think of is that they offered a deal because you are the killer and they wanted to. close the case they wanted to have this capital. in iraq. so that they don't have one of them. and how would you feel if you would actually been executed when the what would it do to or tear of soul or. there's a there's
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a saying that our religion is pretty much the only rule we have to follow. any harm none do what you will. to do what i want to logs of hurting anyone you never hurt anyone i can't say that but since i picked up this religion i've done my best to and when did you pick up this really does six. times after just.
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radially reinforced rammed earth bricks is what they really are. this more than seventy houses about a hundred and forty people with families living here and. it's really a way of forming same as. the sun's coming in and heating the house and being stored in massive walls. sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and and using to plant stuff to process the sewage recreate our own little way system here.
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in the. north pole in my home two of the kids team come to save the boy who deny them. people know that because. it's not. going to. get. on the list that i really. can show them to move this because i'm listening to. show. them and that's. why i said it does not. cause it is a constant. it's a million. g.
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seven summit sees a major rift open between the u.s. and the rest of the part with donald trump retracting his support for the joint statement meeting is in disarray amid growing tensions with washington. those faced international oh the shifts being challenged by its main architects go into the u.s. maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be. and then the stories they showed the way the pentagon the midst of a civilian death toll in syria is right called may never be known after being accused of a possible war crimes that. puts a world cup from festival gets underway moscow with four days left until football's biggest event kicks off in russia.


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